Nabil Kapasi

I live for photography! I started taking pictures when I borrowed my brother’s camera (for good!). Initially I was an engineer, but felt a calling that could not be denied, and started my own studio to fulfill my dream of telling stories with images. I’ve never looked back!

My mission is simple…”make people look good”. Beauty is everywhere and within everyone. Sometimes the “inner you” gets hidden under layers of the various roles we play in life, and I help peel away those layers to bring out the real you!

I modeled through college and am well aware of what it feels like in front of a lens. I use that knowledge to bring out the best in you.

Some random things about me…

  • Love: My Family, Photography & Food
  • Indulgence: Chocolate
  • Been there…done that: Skydiving
  • Pet Peeve: Tilted pictures on people’s walls
  • People remember me for: My Crazy laugh!
  • Need more time: To ride my motorcycle


The Timeless Team

There is more to Timeless Lens than just me! We are a team of talented Photographers, Videographers, Film Editors and Digital Artists who are not only a pleasure to work with on your special day but also have that keen eye to capture the event with a unique perspective. Our (relatively) unsung heroes are the back-end team of editors and artists who are silently (well…most of the time) hunched in front of their workstations transforming the photographs and video footage into gorgeous albums and Wedding Films!

Our Photographs and Films reflect my experience and philosophy and only then does it proudly get branded as “Timeless Lens”.